Water To Help Weight Loss

Should you drink more water to help weight loss? The emphatic answer is YES! Most people don’t realize just how important keeping optimally hydrated really is for fat loss.

Water naturally suppresses your appetite – a lack of water can lead to overindulgence because your brain has difficulty in differentiating hunger from thirst. So next time you feel hungry when you think you shouldn’t be try a glass of water, you may well find your hunger pangs are satisfied!

A lack of water can cause a whole host of problems from headaches to constipation, poor concentration and fatigue to bad breath and skin sagging. But here we are most concerned with water to help weight loss.

So what are the main benefits of drinking water to help weight loss?

Well firstly and perhaps most importantly in terms of weight loss, water directly affects your metabolic rate – for the better! You see, water promotes a thermogenic state, thermogenesis is the process whereby the body generates heat (energy) and consequently this raises the metabolic rate and burns more calories. In a thermogenic state, your body burns more fat!

Other reasons to increase water to help weight loss are that it;

  • Assists with the digestion, absorption and assimilation of food giving you the maximum benefits of the nutrients in the food you eat
  • Assists with the excretion of waste from the bowels and kidneys helping you to avoid constipation
  • Ensures the kidneys are functioning optimally meaning the liver doesn’t have to kick in to help flush out waste, diverting it from its main job of metabolizing stored fat. (binge drinkers take note!)
  • Improves hormone function
  • Suppresses appetite

Drinking enough water leads use to be better hydrated and this really is the key. Our bodies work hard at regulating the amount of water and salt in our tissues relative to the amount of water and salt in our blood, this is the secret to proper hydration – maintaining the correct balance of water and salt between your blood and tissues. So what does this mean in terms of weight loss?

Well for a fluid to be properly hydrating it should not affect the water/salt balance. Isotonic drinks do not alter the salt concentration of the blood and so these are good choice to combine with water ensuring you stay perfectly hydrated.

Modern diets contain high levels of salts and so it is preferable to drink filtered water and aim for a glass with each meal as well as a few throughout the day. You should be looking to drink about 6-8 glasses of filtered water per day and then make sure that any other drinks are isotonic so as not to affect your salt/water balance.

Do not drink caffeinated drinks if you are serious about weight loss – they are diuretics and cause the body to lose water! Alcohol should also be avoided as this dehydrates your body massively and diverts the liver away from its main responsibilities.

Another tip would be to drink cold water to help weight loss as it helps your body to burn more calories due to the fact that the water’s temperature must be raised to your body temperature in order to be properly processed.

Remember when you are drinking water to help weight loss don’t simply look to drink vastly more – think in terms of hydration. Stay hydrated and you’ll notice you lose far more fat than you have been, feel more energized and you’ll have clear skin. I’m off to have a glass right now! Cheers!

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