The Real Reasons We Are Overweight

The purpose of this site is to help you finally lose weight – but in order to do so effectively, it helps to take the time to understand the reasons why you gain weight in the first place.

To do that, we’ll have to first take a trip back in time.


To Cavemen, Body Fat Was a Survival Advantage

The ability to store unused fuel as body fat was a crucial factor towards the survival of our ancestors, when the supply of food was much less regular. Our modern economy has spoiled us with nutritional stability, but our genetics just haven’t had enough time to adapt.

Once we, as a people, gained the ability to over-consume food on a daily basis, it became a difficult habit to break. We are naturally programmed to desire more food than we burn – it’s a basic instinct. It has only in recent years started to cause problems, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

This problem has gradually gotten worse over the last several decades. In the US, one third of all people qualify as obese – resulting in over 120,000 otherwise preventable deaths annually, along with an additional $190 billion in medical costs.

If you’re struggling with extra pounds, then give yourself a break, because…

Your Weight-Gain Isn’t Entirely Your Fault!

You live in a world of bad advice, bad examples, bad food options, and a bad general outlook towards living a healthy lifestyle. In this society, the real surprise would be if you weren’t struggling with your weight!

Here’s a closer look at the real culprits that are preying on our health:

Evil Marketing & Misinformation

The concept of losing weight is very simple – really, it is. By the time you finish this guide, you’ll have a better understanding of what I mean.

But the weight loss industry is a multi-billion-dollar-per-year industry, which profits by constantly selling new products. These products are crammed down our throats every day through television, radio, print, and online advertising. The vast array of weight loss products and varying claims from each one leads us to believe that weight loss is a complex, confusing process.

The media itself (who most of us believe we can trust) only help to reinforce these misconceptions. Look at the scandal surrounding Dr Oz, for example, who ended up being grilled by the Senate over his widely inaccurate weight-loss “tips”.

The problem is…

There’s No Money in Giving You the Blunt Truth

Instead, they focus on taking a simple concept and turning it into something fancy enough to generate sales. Our “easy fix” mentality means people will buy ANYTHING to help them lose weight, even if none of it works. Bad advice, unfortunately, keeps the lesser-informed population stalled.

Conclusion: Forget everything you’ve ever heard about losing weight. Throughout this guide, we’re going to throw out misconceptions and start with a fresh slate, filled only with scientifically-backed facts and methods that have been proven to work.

The Portion Control Problem

Most of us already know that we, as a society, have a portion control problem. But, you might not know just how out of control it is.

According to CDC research, typical modern day meal sizes in restaurants have grown to four times more food compared to the average meal in the 1950’s. Think about that for a second – when you order a meal at most restaurants, you’re typically eating enough food to feed four people. Additionally, the intake of soda and sugary juices has grown by more than twice since the 1970’s.

Of course, we have grown up accustomed to these proportions, and our stomachs have expanded to become used to eating this much food. By developing the right habits though, you will be able to retrain your body to consume what it actually needs – rather than every single thing the food joint is trying to force-feed you.
Social Pressure

This is another area of blame – the social aspect. Food isn’t just fuel anymore, it’s an activity that finds its way into almost any situation.

Business meetings, dates, celebrations, and get-togethers are held over dinner. A family night at home often involves ordering pizza, and we can’t celebrate a birthday without cake. When we don’t have something better to do, we eat.

Regardless of the additional meals you may be consuming during social activities, if you eat what is actually the right amount of calories for your target / sustained goal weight, most people will judge you – which further contributes to the problem. Because other people also have an unrealistic idea of just how few calories a person should actually be eating, people are pressured into exceeding their maximum ideal intake because others are “worried about them” or “feel bad for them”. Even if it’s not on a conscious level, others may even want to sabotage your results out of pure jealousy.
Overweight Acceptance

lose fatThe current trend to promote acceptance towards your body is a great idea, in concept. It’s great to love yourself, no matter how you look. In the past couple of years, this trend has taken an unfortunate backfire. It’s started encouraging people to think it’s “okay”, and not somehow life threatening, to be obese. Sadly, that’s not the case.

I fully encourage anyone reading this to embrace who you are, and love your body just the way it is – but acceptance of an unhealthy lifestyle will only continue to accelerate our already high rate of preventable deaths.

Conclusion: Being out of shape, overweight, or obese is not medically safe. As your doctor will tell you, it dramatically reduces your expected lifespan and places you at risk for an uncountable number of highly dangerous diseases.

Other factors at play include a technology-related increase in sedentary lifestyles, lower quality foods that digest faster (leaving you hungry for more), and a reinforcement of the helpless idea that your weight is somehow not in your control.

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