The Best Fat Burners for Women – Double Your Weight Loss?

Let’s face it, ladies: Losing weight is hard work. Calorie counting, exercising, and waiting what feels like ages to see results are all part of the typical process. No pain, no gain.

If you’re going to be investing your time, energy, and possibly money into getting in shape, then who wouldn’t want a little assistance from a fat burner? Taken correctly, these can help increase your weight loss and make the process a bit easier by reducing feelings of hunger.

Of course, like most things in this industry, there is a lot of hype and marketing over specific products. It’s important to know that something does actually work, and doesn’t exist solely to pry you from your hard-earned money.

Even more importantly, you want to make sure these pills are safe to take. Remember, usually the only difference between an herbal supplement and a full-on drug is whether a pharmaceutical company can patent it or not. Just because it’s over-the-counter doesn’t mean it’s safe.

Let’s take a look at some proven-effective fat burners that are relatively safe for consumption and specifically help boost female weight loss results.

Fat Burners vs. Appetite Suppressants

Although there’s plenty of cross-over with most pills (ie, they achieve both effects), it’s important to recognize that fat burners can operate in two different ways. First, they can directly assist in the burning of fat by actually increasing your natural metabolic process or by making fat easier for the body to burn. The second way they can work is strictly through appetite suppression.

The truth is, many fat burners could be more accurately referred to as appetite suppressants. If you were to live exactly the same lifestyle (concerning diet and exercise), no fat burner would really make a significant difference in your weight. The beneficial effects of these pills typically come from reducing hunger. This makes dieting less uncomfortable, and since you desire less food (or simply can’t eat as much) you end up losing weight.

The Limitations of Any Pill

Keep in mind (despite any marketing claims you may hear!) there is no such thing as a pill you can take to effectively lose weight without making any lifestyle changes. Fat burners exist to maximize your weight loss efforts, and when used appropriately, can definitely help you see results faster. Beyond that, science just hasn’t yet invented a pill that can do all of the work for you.

Use Proven Pills Only

There are hundreds of companies out there that have developed fat burners which exist only to make them money. The ingredients are of questionable effectiveness at best, and the results are bound to be mediocre. With that in mind, try to stick with fat burners that have a proven track record – either through independent medical research, or real life results from real people you know and trust.

Forskohlii / Forskolin

Forskohlii is a molecule found in the Forskolin plant. The ability of forskohlii to increase metabolism of stored body fat has been well documented and confirmed in several medical studies. It’s one of the few herbs that operates independently of any appetite suppression effect to simply burn more fat.

ECA Stack

“ECA” stands for ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin. It is a fairly aggressive combination of over-the-counter products that is highly coveted by the bodybuilding community for one reason: It works very, very well. Ephedrine in particular has gained a bad reputation over the years, but if you want to boost both metabolism and appetite suppression, this is one of the most effective ways of doing so.

I have an article on this site that’s focused just on this stack – check it out for more information.

EGCG / Green Tea

Green tea is certainly well known as a weight loss aid. The active ingredient in green tea is called EGCG, and that is what’s responsible for its fat burning effects. EGCG has a few mechanisms of action, but most of its magic comes from its ability to block something called “COMT”.

We all have COMT in our bodies naturally, and what this enzyme does is remove epinephrine (adrenaline) from our system. By inhibiting COMT, green tea keeps more epinephrine in your body. This raises your metabolism and slows down your digestive process, making you less likely to get hungry.

There’s a lot to consider before taking a fat burner, and it’s a good idea to mention your plans to your doctor during your next appointment, especially if you have any medical conditions or symptoms. With that in mind, these are an ideal place to start for women who’d like a little bit of assistance with meeting their target weight.

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