DIY Portion Control Containers Tutorial

Some combination diet/fitness systems are designed around a container system (which is often color-coded). These containers provide a measurement system for portions of each food-group, making daily meal planning as easy as possible.

These systems are probably the easiest way to get started, since they do provide a comprehensive plan that’s already laid out for you. But, let’s be honest – not all of us have a ton of extra money to spare, and this is just an implementation of a very basic concept.

It takes a bit of extra work and planning, but anybody can take advantage of a DIY portion control system that’s packed into containers for pennies-on-the-dollar. You can even measure their sizes to be the same as the 21 Day Fix containers.

Here’s how to do it:

Getting the Containers

Gladware ContainersHead to your local supermarket and pick up a pack of plastic containers, such as Gladware Containers or Ziplock Storage Containers. These are surprisingly affordable, and a package of 5 or more containers should only cost you from $3.00 to $5.00 at most places.

These storage containers don’t exactly come pre-measured for your ideal portions, but we can solve that in under five minutes!

Here’s how:

Labeling the Containers & Marking Your Portions

Ziplock ContainersAll you’ll need for this tutorial is your new containers, a Sharpie, and a set of measuring cups.

  • Step 1: Fill a measuring cup with water, and pour into your empty container until it contains the desired portion size.
  • Step 2: With a Sharpie, boldly mark the water line on the side of the container.
  • Step 3: Label the lid according to your needs (ex: “1/2 Cup Veggies”).

That’s it!

For best results, you’ll want to take care with washing these, or the markings can come off (even though the marker is permanent). Since these are so cheap, you can easily keep an extra (clean) container of the same size around, and stack your dirty container inside the clean one to protect the markings during a dishwasher cycle. Otherwise, you may wish to hand wash these (avoiding the outside) to avoid having to repeat this process.

With a couple bucks, and a few minutes of your time, you now have your very own (customized!) portion control containers that provide the same benefits of the high-priced systems.

How did this work for you? Do you have any tips to make the most of these containers? Let me know in the comments below!

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