Overweight Chart – Am I Overweight?

It’s a difficult question to ask somebody, but nevertheless, a very common one: Am I overweight, or not? The answer can be difficult to determine depending on your body composition, but to simplify things, we’re taking data into account that assumes you are perfectly “average”, from your body composition to your height.

This should be enjoyed strictly for data purposes to better understand the average American composition. If you compare this chart to your own body weight, you may unfairly assume you are either underweight or overweight. The truth is, you could have substantially more muscle mass than the average male, or be several inches shorter than the average female.

With that disclaimer stated, here are two overweight charts for your pleasure, segmented by female and male. This can look a bit overwhelming at first — it’s based on percentile (the measurement of the whole population). Just find your age at the top or bottom (the vertical lines), and your weight on the right side. Find where those lines meet, and you can compare your standings to the national averages.


With the female chart posted, I’ll also post the male overweight chart:


Always remember: Nobody can tell you what your “ideal weight” is without knowing you personally. This is just to find where you stand compared to the population. It doesn’t mean anything is or isn’t wrong with your body weight at the moment.

Check out my BMI Calculator to help automate this calculation. If you’re interested in a more calculated figure you can actually use to meet your weight loss goals, also try out our TDEE calculator, which shows your total baseline caloric burn on an average day. The page then shows you how you can tweak your diet / exercise to quickly and easily make momentum towards your goals.

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