Insanity Before and After Pictures from Real People!

insanity workoutCheaper than a personal trainer, and way more effective than going at it on your own, the
Insanity Workout has received a lot of well-deserved attention lately.

The 10 DVD program aims to provide visible results within 60 days, and covers both bases by adding a nutrition guide to the mix. The system stays true to the “Insanity” name throughout the course, so the end product is ideal for someone who wants maximum results in as short a time frame as possible. Those who hate spending a lot of time working out will find this an ideal fit.

Of course, no matter how solid any product is, you never feel quite comfortable trusting only the results presented in the commercials. It’s very helpful to hear and see the results (or failures) that real people have had when following the system.

Although my personal experience with the Insanity workout has been positive, I wanted to see what the average person who tried the program thought. I cataloged a collection of reports from real users on forums, blogs, and the like – along with before and after pictures from some of the same people. Hopefully this helps you get an idea of how this program from Beachbody can change lives.

The Results:


I have been working out 6 days a week, doing Insanity and jogging. Last month I purchased Insanity the Asylum, because I LOVE Shawn T’s workouts. In my opinion, Insanity is the only workout video worth doing. When I work out I want to be dripping with sweat and panting and both of these do not disappoint. I have been able to lose 21 pounds and am at my goal weight now. I can wear a size 4 again, that is 6 sizes down!!


Now 5 days into Insanity, it’s mindblowing! My belly fat that was so persistent before is melting away in record speed now! This training is better than anything else I’d ever tried before so far. Did I follow the meal plan? Not really. With my lifestyle it is very hard to eat 5 meals a day. I reduced my daily intake to match the recommended calorie figure, but I still eat some sweets (ice cream, chocolate) every day and drink a glass or two of wine every other day. Insanity is working for me


Wow remarkable! I’m at day 6 now and can see results already. This is very encouraging for all of us who are working their *#@! off with Insanity.

I lost 12 lbs and 8 inches. I followed the program exactly as it’s laid out on the calender, so I did it for 9 straight weeks. I didn’t change my diet too much. I did calculate my calorie needs based on the formula that’s given in the nutrition guide, but I didn’t follow their nutrition plan. I even ate chocolate every day so don’t feel like you need to give up all the things you love to get good results :) definitely drink a ton of water, and make sure to keep track of your measurements. Soon enough you’ll start seeing some changes. Either weight loss or changes in your measurements. I hope you like the program. I really enjoyed it!


Wish I took some before pics, but I have had great results with Insanity. I will be starting the last week on thursday and plan to do the second month again. I am 36 and a mother of three. I started at 158 and I am now 143. I have also lost 14 inches! And almost two dress sizes. My goal is 130 and I think I can make it with Insanity. I did watch my calories but allowed myself some cheat meals, especially during month 2. Before this, I was not into exercising but find myself excited to push play on the DVD because I can see results and it keeps me motivated. Keep with it because if you do and watch your calories it WILL work!

I’ve been working out using the Insanity DVDs and so far I have lost 20 pounds in in 4 months. That’s 5 pounds per month, I turned fat into muscle. I was very skeptical at first,but I’m very have I gave it a try,. and I have lost 2 inches from my waist

Overall, there’s certainly a theme at play here. As I suspected even before doing this research, the
Insanity Workout is probably the best weight loss system the industry has to offer at this point in time (that’s including gyms, personal trainers, classes, etc).

What’s the Insanity Program Like?

I could write out a long description of the Insanity workout, but if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth… what, ten thousand words?

BeachBody has done a great job of providing a sample video of the course. I definitely recommend checking it out if you want to get a feel for what the program is like.

Insanity’s Results Guarantee

I thought this part was pretty cool. They used to do a 30 day money back guarantee, but they’ve recently extended it to 60 days (since the program itself is supposed to be a 60 day plan). That lets you actually complete the course, and if you don’t see results, you don’t end up paying anything for it.

Think about it – would a personal trainer let you come back two months later and say “Hey, this isn’t what I was hoping to achieve, so give me all of my money back”? You’d get laughed out of the gym (and pay a lot more in the process). Based on this alone – and especially alongside those before and after pictures – Insanity is the way to go.

You owe it to yourself to get the body of your dreams – don’t put it off any longer.
Click here to check out their site for the full story!

Good luck. I know you can do this!

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