How to Lose Lower Back Fat

We all have had problem body areas at one point or another – a pudgy stomach, flabby arms, or, in this case, accumulation of fat on the lower back area.

This can be a problem for both men and women. Women often notice problems with lower back fat when their skin rolls up under their bra strap in the back. Men and women alike may also identify this issue as love handles that “extend” all the way around to the lower back. The result in this case is, no doubt, a serious case of muffin top.

First off, let’s be clear that this is a very solvable problem. The right modifications to your fitness and dietary habits can send that hated fat packing in no time.

With that in mind, you need to realize up front that there is no such thing as spot fat reduction. The human body just doesn’t work that way. You can’t say “I want to burn fat from right here!” and work on just that area – when the body loses fat, it does so in equal parts from all areas of the body. No exercises focused on a specific muscle group will burn fat from that area preferentially.

What that means for you is: in order to lose fat from your lower back, you must reduce the total amount of fat on your body. As pounds are shed from all areas, the fat stores in your back will get burned up and reduced.

Let’s take a look at one easy way to get started remedying this problem.

Baseline Measurements

In order to accurately track your progress, it’s important to get a baseline measurement of where you’re starting. You could just weigh yourself on a scale, but you could technically lose pounds without specifically dropping any lower back fat. A better way to judge progress is by taking physical measurements with a tape measure.

Place it around your specific problem area, write down your starting measurement, and place the date next to it. You can now chart your progress to stay on track and celebrate your achievements.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at how you can get started today.

Dietary Adjustments

Once more – in order to lose fat from your lower back, you’re going to have to make changes to lose fat from your whole body. The lowest-hanging-fruit in this area usually comes from changing your diet.

Reducing calorie intake is vital – try eating around 500 less calories per day than your estimated daily energy expenditure. Check out the TDEE calculator on this site if you need help estimating this.

Beyond how much you eat, what you eat is also important. Try to minimize simple carbohydrates as much as you can. This means cutting out refined sugars and starches from your diet. Eat plenty of healthy fats, like olive oil and avocado, every day. Also increase your intake of lean proteins to help keep your appetite satisfied and your metabolism spiked.

A Little Exercise

The best exercise for fat reduction is always going to be cardio. Don’t waste your time with any exercises that specifically target your lower back – they won’t help you lose fat. Your time is much better spent on the treadmill, or even just taking a daily walk at lunch.

Tracking Progress

During your weight loss journey, remember that this is a process that takes time to achieve. Stick to your healthy eating and exercise routine, and don’t take measurements too frequently or you risk becoming discouraged before you see significant results. Every two weeks is a good interval to take a new measurement. With devoted effort and patience, that back fat will be gone before you know what happened!

Finally, there are a lot of factors that will help you see results – way too many to list in this article. While you’re here, poke around this website for some helpful suggestions. A little bit of knowledge can save a lot of frustration in the future!

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