9 Tasty High-Protein Foods (#5 is Great!)

Protein is your best friend if you’re looking to lose weight without constantly feeling hungry. Most of us eat enough protein, but leaner options are essential to creating a healthy diet (1).

Nobody wants to eat the same boring things every day. Here’s a list of 9 healthy high-protein foods to keep you full and lean.

#1: Greek Yogurt

The recent trend in Greek yogurt sales are no accident – people have finally started to set aside the low-fat trend (that doesn’t provide weight loss benefit in the real world) and have embraced the power of protein.

A small Greek yogurt provides as much (or more) protein as a similar calorie lean meat, and is a very quick breakfast or snack that can be topped with fruit for extra flavor.

#2: Grilled / Baked Chicken Breast

It’s no secret that chicken breast is a great go-to protein for most meals. Just avoid adding extra fat during the cooking process. A fist-sized serving is a good rule of thumb for most meals.

#3: Cottage Cheese

A half cup of fat free cottage cheese is only 80 calories, yet yields 14g of protein. Calling this one “tasty” will depend a bit on your opinion, but it can make a delicious breakfast when paired with some sliced fruit (and maybe even a drizzle of honey!).

#4: Eggs

Eggs are a substantial source of protein, and allow you to select your fat-to-protein ratio by limiting the number of yolks. The protein is in the egg white, while the fat and calories (and most of the nutrients) are in the yolk.

I actually don’t recommend eating egg whites only. Fat keeps you full even longer than protein, and a whole egg (or two) is a great way to keep you satisfied until the next meal.

#5: Beans & Rice

Beans are a great plant-based protein source, and contain plenty of protein on their own. However, combined with rice, they form a “complete” protein source – meaning they provide all of the essential amino acids needed by the body. The two together make a powerhouse of protein that helps keep you full all day.

#6: Fish

High in protein, low in unhealthy fat, and practically exploding with beneficial fatty acids (like Omega-3), fish is a very healthy food to eat – especially for those looking to shed some pounds. Just stick with baking or grilling it – added oils used in cooking can negate the health benefits of fish.

#7: Almonds

When reaching for a quick snack, almonds are a great choice. They’re easy to keep on hand, have been linked to weight loss benefits, and are rich in healthy fats and protein.

#8: Milk – Dairy or Soy

Healthy milk that’s low in saturated fat (like 1%, skim, or skim plus) has always been a great source of protein (and many other essential nutrients). For those who can’t or choose not to enjoy dairy, soy milk is a great alternative, providing plenty of protein in a non-dairy form.

#9: Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is another powerhouse food, with plenty of protein and lots of very healthy fats. In fact, I recommend never buying the reduced fat varieties – peanut butter is a great food on its own, and eating fat does not make you fat.

Making the Most of Protein

Increasing your protein intake, as part of a balanced nutritional plan, can help shed fat faster while not feeling hungry all the time. Don’t forget to round off your protein with plenty of healthy fats. Both keep you full, but fat actually takes longer to digest than protein (despite protein burning more calories to break down) – so plenty of healthy fat is great for weight loss!

These tips are a good place to start, but make sure to read my free 7 day fat loss e-course to really start taking action towards your goals. The sign-up box is below, and I will make sure you get all of the information you need to start losing weight!

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