Getting Rid of Penis Pimples

Penis pimples, or more specifically, penile acne pustules, are entirely harmless – but they can be enough to freak any guy out and lower his self-confidence in the bedroom.

Insecurities almost instantly stem from this problem, and it’s quite possible that females will assume your harmless pimples are indeed some type of nasty STD. This can cause very awkward situations that only drive your self-confidence lower.

Of course, before beginning a treatment regimen for penis pimples, it’s important to confirm your suspicions that this is a simple case of acne. If there is any chance you could have some form of STD, you should get tested immediately.

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White pimples on penis areas are the most common type of acne, and small pimples on penis are usually the white variety. Red pimples on penis regions do tend to form as well, although these are usually bigger and more obvious. This happens when the pore becomes highly irritated and inflamed. Due to their size, these red pimples can become quite painful!

The truth is, there are several different causes for these bumps on your manhood. If you don’t have reason to suspect an STD of some type, then you’re most likely looking at a typical case of acne (caused by a clogged pore that becomes inflamed and puss-filled). Since these usually form in hair follicles, most acne develops at the base of the penis – although in some cases it may extend up the shaft or even towards the head of the penis. When multiple pimples at base of penis are present, that generally indicates your penis head pimples are nothing to worry about.

But here’s what’s more important:

Most guys get penis acne. And most of us have felt weird about it at one point or another.

It happens when you shave, and sometimes for no reason at all. If it bothers you, then you need to be more confident about yourself.

Acne on your penis will often first show up a few days after shaving the area (although shaving is not the only cause). Since this is such a sensitive place to be roughing up with a razor blade, irritation or ingrown hairs will cause the pimples to form. Contrary to your face, where red bumps and rashes appear, razor burn on your privates is more likely to manifest in the form of an acne breakout.

To prevent this razor burn, try using a sharp razor that hasn’t noticeably dulled in the slightest. Take a long shower first, and allow the area to be soaked with hot water for a long period of time. When it comes time to shave, make sure the hair is trimmed short before you begin shaving. Try using a pre-shave oil to minimize friction when you shave. After applying the oil, work up a thick lather of shaving cream. Shave with the grain, slowly, using very light pressure. Don’t press down on the razor at all. Just let it glide over the skin. Work in the direction of hair growth – not against it.

When finished, rinse the area thoroughly, and apply a soothing aftershave cream (you don’t have to get one of the stinging ones with alcohol; a simple aftershave lotion will work fine).

If you believe your man-scaping techniques might be the cause of your breakouts, give this a shot. Pimples on the penis may not go away immediately, so wait several weeks before determining that your new shave method isn’t helping. If you still become irritated after shaving, consider switching to an electric trimmer, or just clip the area short with scissors instead.

Treating Penis Acne

Regardless of the severity of your penile pimples, or the individual reason why you have them, one thing is for sure – you want them gone, cleared up completely, never to come back. That’s why we at Acne Hints have put together a simple, step-by-step program for clearing penis acne. Let’s take a look at what you need to do to get rid of pimples on your penis.


Wash the area at least twice per day using an acne cleanser. Stop using your regular bar soap or body wash on the area in the shower. These washes will only make the problem worse by clogging pores and drying out your skin. Although it may be awkward, this usually means washing your junk in the sink once per day, since most men only take one shower per day. Feel free to just hop in the shower if that’s easier.


Gently pat dry the area with a clean towel. Try to get into the habit of patting instead of rubbing, since this will irritate your skin less and be less likely to cause a breakout.


Apply a salicylic acid based acne treatment product to the area. Only do this if your problem is defined by pimples around penis, pimples at base of penis, or pimples on shaft of penis. Penis head pimples or pimples on top of penis are a little more difficult to treat, since you shouldn’t apply chemical-based acne products to this area. If this is the case for you, skip this step and just focus on keeping the area clean and free of irritation.


Spread an acne moisturizer over the area. This will keep your skin from drying out, and will reduce the amount of pore-clogging oil your penis secrets throughout the day.

Follow these steps twice per day for at least three weeks to see results. Severe cases may require you to follow this system three times per day instead, although you shouldn’t resort to this unless twice per day fails to completely clear up the issue.

Before you know it, this nasty, embarrassing problem will be a thing of the past, although you will have to continue practicing good hygiene to keep them from coming back. There is no cure for any type of acne, only effective treatment methods to control the problem.

These basic tips do help you get started, but it’s not always enough for most people. The people at Acne No More have done a great job of putting together a free video & a site with plenty of information to expand on this subject. I’d start there, but it can be difficult to find through regular searches, so I’d visit it and at least bookmark the page for future reference.

Popping Penis Pimples – Yey or Ney?

When referring to facial acne, it is recommended not to pop pimples. Doing so generally only irritates the zit, and the trauma to the skin can cause scarring. At first, this also applies to penis acne. If your penis pimples are relatively new, or you haven’t tried treating them, do follow the above instructions and see if they go away on their own.

However, penis acne can be persistent, and since the skin on the penis is much thicker (and less delicate) than the skin on your face, it’s considered okay to try to pop the puss out of the lesion if it lingers for a long period of time (or you’re just tired of dealing with it). As you can imagine, it’s important to be gentle, especially if it’s on a sensitive part of your manhood (especially if it’s towards the head rather than the base of the shaft).

Gently squeeze the zit between your index finger and thumb until the puss drains out. Don’t squeeze too hard. You definitely don’t want to damage yourself. Clean up the fluid with a piece of tissue paper, and if you have some available, apply a small dab of tea tree oil to the zit to discourage the puss from coming back. Wash your hands thoroughly.

Natural Witch-Hazel Treatment Option

An all-natural alternative treatment to consider for acne on your penis is witch hazel. This plant-based extract is sold in a small plastic bottle next to the rubbing alcohol at your local drugstore or your supermarket’s pharmaceutical section. Witch hazel’s mechanism of action is similar to that of salicylic acid (mentioned before), but it has different levels of effectiveness on different types of acne, and it may provide more effective results for some people. If the treatment steps above fail to completely clear up your condition, you can try this process instead:

Cleansing: Same as the previous instructions, gently cleanse the area with an acne-fighting facial cleanser. Pat dry.

Treatment: Remove the cap from the witch hazel. In a small container (such as the cap you just removed), fill half way with water, and the other half with the witch hazel, producing a 1:1 solution of water to witch hazel. Dab a Q-tip in the solution, and apply to each lesion. Repeat this process each day to fight individual pimples.

Drying: Allow the area to fully air dry. It will just take a minute for the witch hazel to evaporate, then you are free to get dressed.

Also, there are others in your situation who have problems discussing this potentially embarrassing issue. Please share your experiences, results, and questions in the comments below. Don’t worry — you don’t have to enter your real name (screen names are fine), and that way you can discuss this problem with full privacy. Try it out!

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