Foods To Eat To Lose Weight

There are many different types of foods to eat to lose weight. The types we are going to focus on in this short article are “catabolic” foods. These are food sources that actually burn more calories when consumed than they contain.

These types of foods are said to have ‘negative calories’ because the end result is that your body has used more calories than were absorbed! For example an apple of medium size will provide an average of 85 calories, however your metabolism would require an additional 99 calories to metabolize it. As a result, you burn calories and potentially more fat! An apple is a prime example of the kind of foods to eat to lose weight.

We all know that if you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight – this is a basic principle of weight loss. Make sure the majority of your snack foods are catabolic – then as you are snacking you will actually be losing weight in the process! Fill up on these negative calorie foods throughout the day and eat well balanced meals alongside these snacks. The general consensus is that you should be eating ten servings of catabolic foods if you are seeking to maintain weight loss.

Here are a few examples of catabolic foods to eat to lose weight:


* Carrots
* Cauliflower
* Broccoli
* Celery
* Asparagus
* Lettuce
* Spinach


* Apples
* Grapefruit
* Pineapple
* Cantaloupe
* Oranges
* Blueberries
* Strawberries

There are many more highly catabolic foods, in fact most fruits and vegetables are noted as catabolic and these are the kind of foods to eat to lose weight. By incorporating these foods into your daily diet you will notice vast improvements in your body fat percentage.

Not only that but you will feel fitter and healthier and have more energy! Ensure you have a balanced diet though and do not restrict yourself to only catabolic foods – these should be combined with lean cuts of meat for protein and high quality carbohydrates. A wide variety of catabolic fruits and vegetables should be regulars in your fridge!

I hope this short article has given you further insight into developing the right nutrition for weight loss. Go catabolic and you’ll lose more fat, more quickly!

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