Extreme Weight Loss Pills

Sometimes extreme weight loss with diet and exercise can feel impossible but don’t disrepair, there are many options open to you to turn the tide of weight gain to provide the quick weight loss you want.

We are of course talking about extreme weight loss pills. In recent years these have become hugely popular with dieters from all walks of life. People looking for an easy way to weight loss have turned this in to a multi-million dollar business but with this success comes fakes, scams and copycat products which simply don’t work.

Don’t let this put you off, extreme weight loss with pills is possible and when taken correctly, safe too. In this article we’ll introduce you to 5 of the best pills for weight loss on the market today.

How do weight loss pills work?

The first thing to be aware of is that there are three main types of weight loss pills all of which work slightly differently and each one better for different types of weight problems. We’ll talk you through each one with facts about weight loss pills;

Fat Binders

Fat binding or fat blocking diet pills work by preventing the fat calories contained in foods being absorbed by the body during digestion. Many of these products contain an ingredient called Chitosan which comes from powdered shells of various kinds of shellfish and is believed to attach itself to fat molecules making them too large to be absorbed into the blood stream. In general these types of diet pills can help block as much as 28% of fat calories consumed and they are fast becoming the most popular method of weight loss in the diet pill arena.

Fat Burners

Fat burners are dedicated to elevating the metabolism and causing the body to burn more fat. They usually contain stimulants such as caffeine, pyruvate, chromium picolinate, hydroxycitric acid and other herb-derived stimulants. More recently fat burners have turned to Capsicum derived from chilli peppers for its thermogenic properties to burn fat. These types of weight loss pills also increase energy levels and many fitness fanatics use them to train harder and longer.

Appetite Suppressants

Appetite suppressants do exactly what the name suggests – they suppress appetite and help control food cravings meaning you tend to eat less whilst on a course of this type of weight loss pill.

Hoodia and green tea extract are two of the more popular ingredients that seem to work well at appetite suppression and Hoodia extract in particular has been deemed as the “best diet pill ingredient” to help people lose weight. This type of weight loss pill is not for everyone as it still requires will power and a reduced calorie diet.

Recently some producers of weight loss pills have been using ingredients which combine some of these properties to create a product with increased weight loss benefits.

What are the best extreme weight loss pills?

This is not an easy question to answer since our weight loss needs are different and the best weight loss pills all work in slightly different ways. If you want to try an extreme weight loss pill then it’s important that you pick the one that fits best with your requirements and diet plan. Having said that, there are some clear leaders when it comes to weight loss pills.

Some have been around for a while with a good reputation and lots of positive reviews from happy customers while others have only been on sale for a few months, using the latest ingredients and research. In our opinion these are the three best weight loss pills available today.


Type: Fat Binder | Price: $59.95

Proactol is made from the cactus Opuntia ficus-indica (the prickly pear cactus to you and me!) and one of the few over-the-counter slimming solutions to be backed by clinically proven medical studies. Taken after eating , Proactol has been shown to help reduce the amount of calories your body absorbs from fat by approximately 28%.

The ingredients in Proactol combines fats in the stomach to form molecules too large to be absorbed by the body and therefore eliminated naturally through the digestive system. If you are someone who enjoys eating fatty meals but doesn’t want to suffer the consequences then this makes Proactol an ideal way to help you lose weight.


Type: Fat Burner | Price: $69.95 / £43.72

Having been around for a few years now, Phen375 has established it’s self as one of the bestselling extreme weight loss pills. Customer reviews have been extremely positive, with some dieters losing as much 3lbs-5lbs per week. Phen375 utilizes a number of key compounds to reduce your body’s ability to store fat and increase metabolic rate, it also includes ingredients to help with appetite suppression. These pharmaceutical grade ingredients go to work instantly to burn away large amounts of body fat forcing your body into high gear even when it wants to slow down.

Phen375 is produced in FDA pharmaceutical registered labs and as long as you buy from the official Phen375 website, safe to buy online.


Type: Appetite Suppressant | Price: £34.99 / $54.51

The main ingredient in Nuratrim is Glucomannan which makes it an appetite suppressant. This natural fibre is designed to expand in your stomach to give you that full feeling and stop over eating. Clinically proven to aid weight loss and reduce cholesterol levels, Glucomannan is safe to use but still requires you to listen to your gut and stop eating when full. Nuratrim however doesn’t stop there, it also contains the popular fat burning ingredient Capsicum derived from the chilli family. Through a phenomenon known as thermogenesis, Capsicum helps elevate your metabolism by increasing core body temperature.

Reported weight loss of 2lbs-4lbs per week is typical with Nuratrim. Made by Advanced Health, who are also the company responsible for the popular Capsiplex pill, Nuratrim is safe to buy online from their official website with delivery worldwide.

Extreme Weight Loss Pills Verdict

It is important to remember that no one weight loss pill is a miracle cure, if you want to maximize your weight loss results you’ll need to employ a solid nutritional program and regular exercise alongside any chosen pill. If you do this, you can expect long-term, significant weight loss results. Good luck.

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