My Country Heat Experience – Is 46+ Lbs Too Much?

It’s finally here!

I’ve been waiting all summer, and couldn’t be more excited to talk about Country Heat.

You know why most people fail to lose weight? Because, to be frank, working out sucks. Jogging sucks, trying to do pushups or crunches sucks – it’s just not fun.

So you give up. You quit sticking to it, you don’t see results, and you end up right where you started.

It’s simple, straight-forward dancing to country music. It uses easy moves that literally anyone can follow.

And most of all… It’s FUN. It’s the kind of thing you would do even if you weren’t trying to lose weight.

Plus you get to bust out your cool new moves the next time you hear your favorite country song on the dance floor. Yee-haw!

I’m seriously in love. It’s as easy as walking! – Millie F, 50 (Lost 26 lbs.)

What IS Country Heat?

It’s a boot-stompin’ good time designed to help you dance the fat away to your favorite hit country artists. The soundtrack alone would be a great CD.

You get 6 super-fun workouts on 3 DVDs (or you can stream the workouts). As you go through the moves, you’ll realize you’re getting an awesome cardio workout that melts fat (but it just feels like a fun dance session).

If that doesn’t look like fun, then something’s wrong. This program is all about Southern fun, and it just happens to work every muscle in your body to help drop pounds.

There’s no need for any weights or anything like that – this is just good old fashion dancing!

What if I Can’t Dance? Is it Hard?

Heck no!

Here’s a test: Can you stand up, touch your right knee, touch your left knee, and put an arm over your head? Then you got this!

You’ll know some super fun moves by the time you’re done, but Autumn tells you exactly what to do at each and every turn.

You get to learn in the privacy of your own home, so you can impress everyone the next time your favorite song comes on and you can get jiggy with it like a pro.

I’m completely uncoordinated and have zero rhythm… If I can do it, I promise you can.

What’s the Music Like?

If you love country music, you’ll be tickled pink with Country Heat. Some of the artists are:

  • Keith Urban
  • Luke Bryan
  • Dixie Chicks
  • Blake Shelton
  • Joe Diffie
  • Alan Jackson
  • Tim McGraw
  • Hank Williams
  • Eric Paisley
  • Sugarland
  • Jake Owen
  • Big & Rich
  • Rednex
  • Brooks & Dunn

Plus a TON more (way too many to list here).

What About Diet?

You might think you need more than just exercise to lose the maximum amount of weight…

… And you’d be right!

Of course, Autumn has you covered with an easy way to keep your calories under control.

She includes the same portion control container from her 21 Day Fix program. It’s an easy way to keep calories in check every day without traditional “dieting”.

The containers are pre-measured. Veggies go in the green one, proteins in the red, and so on. If it fits in the container, you can eat it! Just remember how many containers you’ve had that day.

The next day, the containers reset. That’s it! Stupidly simple portion control that leads to weight loss.

What Do You Get?

Country Heat is jam-packed with everything you need to lose weight.

6 30 minute workout dances on 3 DVDs keep you busy for 30+ days of burning fat.

The workouts include:

  • Country Swing
  • Down and Dirty
  • Trail Ride
  • Giddy Up
  • Bring the Heat
  • Dance Conditioning

All of the dance routines contain their own unique moves and song tracks to give you a variety of different workout experiences.

The last one, Dance Conditioning, is the only one that isn’t purely dance oriented – but it’s a blast. You go through a sequence of toning moves that help sculpt more muscle than dancing alone. It’s actually great, because as you get in better shape via conditioning, you feel your endurance improve for the actual dance sessions.

You also get:

The 30 Day Calendar

Not an organized person? No problem!

Pin the 30 day calendar on your wall and just follow from Day 1 to Day 30. The calendar carefully varies the workouts for maximum variety. It’s hard to get bored or lose track of where you are.

You get a lot of tools, but are you using them in the most effective manner?

The Quick Start Guide helps you make sense of everything and shows you exactly what to do from the moment you open the package so you can jump right in.

Eating Plan

Healthy eating is more than knowing how much you’re allowed to eat – you need to know what kinds of foods are best to eat.

The Country Eat book includes delicious recipes to make meal time a breeze. Filled with quick and easy comfort food ideas, you might even find a new favorite while you eat to lose pounds.

Of course, you’ll also need…

Portion Control Containers

These Beachbody signature containers have been proven to work in the past through other systems like 21 Day Fix (which is also by Autumn). Following the eating guide, just fill the color coded containers with the appropriate foods – there’s one for fats, one for veggies, etc. and you’re all set to go.

No calorie counting required.

Will I Starve?

The portion control containers are designed so that you eat a lot of filling, fiber-and-protein-dense foods that keep you from getting hungry. You still get some tasty empty calories (like dressings and bread), but in limited quantities.

The result is a well-rounded diet plan that leaves you in a calorie deficit without feeling hungry all day – something that regular dieting can’t offer.

How Much Does it Cost?

Country Heat is a full-featured fitness program, a dance course, and a nutrition plan customized to your individual starting point. All of this packed into one would cost $400+ if you went through a gym or personal trainer / nutritionist.

Right now, you can jump in for 3 payments of $19.95 and get free shipping & handling through their current offer. You can also just pay it all at once if the payments thing isn’t for you.

Will I Lose Weight?

Country Heat can help you lose weight only if you follow the workout calendar, you’re willing to do some boot-scootin’, and you follow the meal plan.

The system is solid and has worked for loads of people. You just have to be willing to do your part.

What if it Doesn’t Work?

Country Heat is guaranteed to work for you or you can use their 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

Having done business with Beachbody for several years, I’ve learned they aren’t one of the companies that tries to talk you out of a refund if it doesn’t work. Just submit your request and they’ll refund everything except shipping (if you paid for upgraded shipping – normal shipping is free anyway).

What if it DOES Work?

Then you get a rockin’ new body, some expert country dance moves, and a free t-shirt to boot!

When you send in your before and after pictures to share your awesome progress, they’ll send you a free Country Heat t-shirt that you can wear with pride.

But this new shirt (in a size smaller than you wear now!) is only for people who earn it. So what are you waiting for?

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