Read This BEFORE You Use Cinnamon and Honey for Weight Loss

Recently, there has been quite a bit of buzz about using the combination of cinnamon and honey in order to lose weight more quickly. Usually this is consumed as a hot drink by either boiling these ingredients with water or adding them to regular hot tea.

I’ve seen this mentioned everywhere from weight loss forums to some of the most popular daytime TV shows. The proclaimed benefits of this drink combination are everything from “profound weight loss” to “the removal of harmful toxins”.

A red flag went off in my head when I realized something: Despite hearing tons of claims about cinnamon and honey, I had never heard anyone reference an actual medical study that showed it works, and I have never specifically heard from someone who used this combination and ended up losing weight.

Those two things alone don’t necessarily mean it doesn’t work, but it did prompt me to do some research of peer-reviewed medical studies on both honey and cinnamon in regards to weight loss. This is always a great idea before trying anything new.

I was pretty surprised by the medical research behind these ingredients, considering how many good things I’d heard about them in the past. In laboratory studies, drinking cinnamon and honey did help with weight loss – by about one percent.

This “one percent” increase in weight loss is well within the regular margin of error, and could easily be attributed to placebo effect. Even if it is accurate, losing one percent more doesn’t exactly help much. To put that in perspective, if you lost 5 pounds anyway, drinking cinnamon and honey might increase that loss to 5.05 pounds. Not even noticeable on the scale, and definitely not noticeable in real life.

Take into account how much time you would spend mixing and drinking your cinnamon-honey concoction every single day, and you’d be far better off going for a jog one time over drinking this stuff every day for months on end.

Remember: There is a boat load of misinformation out there about weight loss, and not just on the internet. Major magazines advertise junk methods for losing weight, just because it’s “different” and helps to sell issues. Even the famous television doctors have mostly sold out and are recommending herbal solutions that have absolutely no supporting evidence. Always do your own research to verify any claim is true before you waste your time trying something out.

Sorry if this write-up has left you a little disappointed. The truth is, there are very few shortcuts to weight loss. I try to identify as many tricks that actually work as possible and post them to this website.

Take a moment to look around this site for some techniques that do work for weight loss. Rest assured, if a method is posted here, it has been confirmed by medical research and real-world results from people who have actually used it!

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