Capsiplex Review

Capsiplex is a fat burning weight loss pill which uses a formula based on chilli, caffeine and black pepper.

Its makers claim this slimming pill can burn as many calories as an 80 minute walk or 25 minute jog.

In this Capsiplex Review we look at how the metabolism boosting ingredients work and if the extreme weight loss claims are really possible.

How does Capsiplex Weight Loss Work?

Capsicum is the main active ingredient in Capsiplex. It’s the compound found in red peppers that makes them ‘hot’. Clinical studies have shown that Capsicum not only promotes thermogenesis (increased temperature) to burn energy but it also has several other weight loss benefits.

It has been shown to suppresses appetite and inhibit the growth of fat cells. This ultimately reduces your intake of calories while at the same time helping you to burn more. This double effect has made Capsicum one of the most popular weight loss ingredients in recent years.

As well as Capsicum, a small amount of caffeine is included in Capsiplex, but the amount is so small that there have been no reported side effects. Caffeine has been used as a weight loss ingredient because of its powers of boosting the metabolism and its ability to break down fat but weight loss pills with high doses of caffeine should be avoided.

Capsiplex also contains Niacin which aids in weight loss by helping to release energy from fats, proteins, and carbohydrates so that they can be used by the body.

Does Capsiplex Really Work?

Unlike some weight loss pills, the ingredients in Capsiplex have been tested and proven. Capsicum is so effective at speeding up your metabolism and burning extra calories that its now included in many other weight loss pills trying to offer the same results as Capsiplex.

The success of the Capsiplex weight loss pill even took the makers by surprise. Soon after its launch, testimonials of how effective the pill was began flooding in and Capsiplex actually sold out. It wasn’t a small amount either, over 50,000 packs of Capsiplex sold out in a matter of days.

You will be pleased to know that it’s now back in stock on the official website.

Capsiplex Good Points

  • No side effects
  • Contains clinically proven ingredients
  • Capsiplex does not contain and unnatural stimulants or harsh chemicals
  • Safe to buy from official Capsiplex website
  • Ships to the USA, UK, Europe and Australia

Capsiplex Bad Points

  • Capsiplex is unsuitable for anyone allergic to chilli
  • Might make you feel slightly hot (that’s the thermogenesis weight loss)

Capsiplex Review Verdict

With a growing number of Capsicum based weight loss pills available we felt that we simply couldn’t ignore them anymore. Capsiplex has been getting much of the media attention and is probably the best out there at the moment which is why it’s the one we chose to review.

If you need some help losing weight fast then Capsiplex promises to burn 278 more calories every day. Over a year, those extra calories add up to over 25 pounds! Combine this with a 25 minute jog and you can double this figure for faster weight loss.

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