BMI Calculator

Your Body Mass Index (or BMI) presents a standardized measurement of excessive (or inadequate) body fat.

Keep in mind these figures are designed to be estimates. No two people are exactly alike, and what’s healthy for one person may not be healthy for someone else. If you have an excessively large amount of muscle, for example, these figures may not be relevant.

However, for the average person that this formula is designed to serve, it provides a fairly accurate idea of how healthy your current weight might be:


Not happy with your BMI results? Being overweight or obese not only affects the way you look – it also reduces your lifespan, places you at increased risk for countless diseases, and deteriorates the way you feel.

A lot of us have had problems losing weight in the past, but failure is just an unfortunate part of the road to success. You only truly fail when you give up and accept defeat. The importance of developing healthy habits towards diet and exercise cannot be stressed enough.

For some, self-education is enough to get on the right path. For others, a more structured program that creates a healthy approach to both diet and fitness is the easiest option. Programs like Insanity, T25, or 21 Day Fix could be worth researching. You can also just browse around the rest of this site to learn more about fitness and nutrition.

Find the BMI calculator interesting? Then the TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) calculator will be right up your alley.

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