7 Natural Appetite Killers (Number 3 is Surprising!)

Dieting (and weight loss in general) is a lot easier if you don’t feel hungry all the time. Try these 7 tricks that are all proven by medical studies to help you feel full longer.

#1: Almonds

Studies show that, despite almonds being high in calories, people who add almonds to their diet do not gain weight as would be expected. Instead, there’s a surprising link between almond consumption and weight loss, and those who eat the highest amount of almonds per day tend to be the thinnest individuals. (1)

#2: Coffee

Coffee can help suppress appetite by helping the body produce more adrenaline, the key neurotransmitter involved in the flight or fight response. Small amounts of adrenaline help slow the digestive process by diverting blood flow to the major muscle groups, leading to reduced cravings for food and improved appetite control. Studies done with green coffee extract show a strong relationship between coffee intake and weight loss. Plus, coffee is packed with tons of antioxidants that improve overall health.

#3: Fat

This one may be surprising, but fat doesn’t make you fat. In fact, fat takes longer to break down than any other type of food – even protein. The result is a full stomach that takes longer to crave the next meal. Stick with healthy fat sources, though. Olive oil, avocado, peanut butter, and fresh fish are great sources of fat. In fact, switching from skim to whole milk may help you lose weight – even though it contains more fat and calories.

#4: Water

We all know hydration is important, but drinking more water seems to drastically benefit weight loss as well. Over a 12 week study, those who drank water before each meal lost 5 pounds more than those who didn’t – quite an impressive difference. Replacing unhealthy sodas and juices with water can provide even more weight loss.

#5: Eggs

Fat and protein are both helpful in reducing your appetite, and eggs contain plenty of both. Researchers found that those who replaced their existing breakfast with two eggs lost 65% more weight than those who didn’t eat eggs, all while reporting increased energy throughout the day.

#6: Spicy Foods

Cayenne pepper has been studied extensively for its effect on appetite reduction and, ultimately, weight reduction. Studies show that eating spicy food can help weight loss in the real world – and the spicier the food, the better.

#7: Fiber

Fiber aids digestion and, apparently, even helps you lose weight. While monitoring people who consumed high fiber meals, it was found that fiber helps you not only feel full quicker, but it also increases the amount of time before you feel hungry again. Sources of healthy fiber, like oatmeal and green veggies, are a great addition to any diet.


Another strange way to control your appetite is to use a portion control method, such as measured containers. Simply not having excessive food in front of you can often be enough to psychologically reduce your appetite.

A little extra appetite control goes a long way towards implementing a successful diet. Give these tricks a try to help avoid being a slave to your cravings.

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