What You NEED to Know About 21 Day Fix Extreme – Review & Results

My regular readers have likely seen my reviews of the original 21 Day Fix system, which impressed me from the start and earned my recommendation – something that does not come easily. Naturally, when the extreme version came out, I had to get my hands on a copy to find out if this was truly an improvement on the original version or not.

What’s New About 21 Day Fix “Extreme”

The original 21 Day Fix was one of the most results-oriented weight loss programs ever released – so when an “Extreme” version of the system came out, I was a bit confused as to what could be different.

Upon taking a closer look, it starts to make sense. If you’re aiming to lose the most weight possible in 21 days, why not aim for the biggest results possible? The Extreme version sticks with the same general program (a combination of fitness DVDs and pre-measured containers for easy portion control) – but it cuts out any “BS”.

The workouts are brand new from the original version. They’re still only 30 minutes long, but are more intense in order to provide faster results. To avoid making the workouts too difficult for beginners, each of them includes a modifier – something that I personally feel makes this system realistic.

The modifiers can be used in the beginning if the regular workouts are too difficult, but they also are designed to be low-impact, so they are ideal for those of us with joint problems.

Nutritionally, the same theme is followed – you’ll still eat carefully controlled portions from color-coded containers, but the meal plan is all new. You still get plenty of slow-digesting foods (proteins, healthy fats, and fiber from vegetables) to keep you full, but empty calories are further reduced. A heavier emphasis is placed on low-carb eating during specific days of the program.

To summarize the difference between these programs, you put in the same amount of time working out and make the same dedication to following the eating plan – but you lose more weight (and do it faster) by following 21 Day Fix Extreme. It’s a bit more intense, but in the real world it’s just as easy to follow.

What You Get

The essential package includes the basic elements needed to get started. Upon unboxing, you’ll find:

  • Two Workout DVD’s. These disks contain 7 workouts, so you’ll only repeat each workout three times over the course of your 21 day experience. Each workout is tailored to a specific purpose and is presented in boot camp format. You’ll work on plyometrics, pilates, individual upper and lower body workouts, yoga, and cardio. The final workout is an extreme version of the original “Dirty 30” workout, which is a whole body workout.
  • Pre-Measured Meal Plan Containers. These containers are color-coded (according to food type) and allow you to stop worrying about exactly what to eat. Use these (with the included eating guide) for a simple meal plan every day. For example, the green container is for veggies – so all you have to do is fill it with the vegetable of your choice. No measuring or fretting over what to put in there. This “if it fits, it ships” mentality to nutrition makes this program one of the easiest ones to follow. The “Shakeology” cup applies the same concept to beverages.
  • Printed Materials. These are your guides that show you how to follow the system, including the Quick-Start guide, the Eating Plan, and the Countdown to Competition. Busy people will appreciate the no-nonsense approach here. Each of these guides dives straight in, with bullet-point style instructions and simple to read charts.

Should you choose to upgrade to the “Ultimate” package, you’ll also receive a resistance band (which is necessary for the workouts), additional portion control containers for convenience, and two bonus “Next-Level” workouts.

One of my favorite parts about 21 Day Fix Extreme is what’s not included – any unnecessary fluff. It sets you up with your workout program and a stupidly simple method for eating perfectly healthy – and boom, you’re all set.

I try to stress throughout this website that good fitness and nutrition are all you need to lose weight, and this system was made with exactly that concept in mind.

You can check out this video for a more visual representation of what to expect:

A Perfect Diet – Instantly?

By design, the 21 Day Fix Extreme meal plan dives you straight into a perfect diet. Unless you’ve been eating very clean already, it’s likely to be a big change –but trust me, that’s a good thing! The meal guide gives you plenty of choices (as you can see in the example), all of which are approved options.

The meal plan works because it provides excellent nutrition and minimal calories while maintaining portions that feel large. This may actually provide more food than you’re used to eating – the choices are simply healthy enough that you’re eating substantially fewer calories without really noticing.

You can hang on to the containers and use them long after the initial 21 days have passed in order to keep your diet from spinning out of control in the future. It’s not a lifetime commitment by any means, but the option is there should you wish to continue eating healthy after completing the program.

It’s instantly rewarding to notice how great it feels to eat healthy foods. You might notice more energy within the first few days, and a general sense of well-being from eating nutrient dense foods with every meal.

I’ve been following my favorite 21 Day Fix recipes, and the food options are endless.

How Difficult is It?

Let’s be honest, the goal of this program is no small task – to take a long-term weight loss process, and cram those results into a much shorter 21 day window. By design, it has to be intense – but not so intense that you can’t stick with it.

If you’re not in good shape, the workouts are going to kick your butt – but that’s okay! Even Autumn Calabrese (the creator of the system) says it’s okay if you can’t do the full workouts at first. You’ll get in better shape incredibly fast – this kind of HIIT workout improves your endurance quickly.

If you can’t do the full 30 minutes at first, start with 10. If you need to pause the video and take a break, that’s fine. Do what you can do, and you’ll get results. But 21 days really isn’t that long, and I’m confident that you can commit to just about anything for that period of time. If you’re going to make a change, put in all you can – the results will follow.

Bottom Line – Does it WORK?

An extreme program should produce extreme results, and the proof lies in the pictures:

21 Day Fix Extreme is an excellent, well-rounded system that holds the power to change lives. More before and after photos are available here – check them out to see more results.

What if it DOESN’T Work?

We’re all different, and some people have an easier time losing weight than others. One of the most helpful features of this system is the support network Beachbody provides. 24 hours a day, their team is available to provide support and live chat sessions to help answer any questions and iron out any kinks.

But more importantly, these claims are backed with cash. It only takes 21 days to see if it works for you, but they do a full 30 day money-back guarantee. All you have to do is try it. If it works (which it should), then great! If for some reason it doesn’t, you get your money back.

Remember, it’s More Than JUST Weight Loss

This is designed for people who want to get in shape, but a solid foundation of nutrition and exercise has isn’t just about looking good. It’s also about improving your health, having more energy, and living longer.

I always advise my readers that the best thing you can do is make a plan and start right now while you have the motivation and are ready to make a change.

Click here to check out 21 Day Fix Extreme in more detail.Try it out. It could very well change your life.

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