21 Day Diet Challenge – 3 Weeks Can Change Everything

Listen up, ZFL readers! I have a challenge for you.

“Tomorrow” is the most dangerous word you’ll ever use. We all want to eat right and start getting active, but those plans are somehow always focused around “tomorrow”. When you live in a “tomorrow” mindset, your dream body is forever stuck in the non-existent day that is “tomorrow”.

My 21 day challenge for you is this:

For the next three weeks, I want “tomorrow” to be erased from your vocabulary and replaced with “today”.

Look, I know you’ve tried before and it hasn’t worked out. Everyone has. That’s how it goes, until you get it right. But this isn’t a life-long commitment – I’m only asking for 21 days to diet, start getting active, and help develop good habits.

Even the most weak-willed person can stick with something for 21 days, and I know you can too!

In a minute, I’ll tell you the three things I want you to do for the next three weeks.

It will take a mere 21 days of moderate effort and lifestyle changes, and in return you’ll get something even more powerful than quick results – you’ll build healthy habits that can change the course of your entire future.

It’s Just a Trial!

This is a lot like Steve Pavlina’s 30 day trials, where he periodically sets a random goal or habit for himself and commits to it for 30 days. If he likes the results and wants to stick with it, he continues it after 30 days, but he uses the mentality of “I only have to do this for 30 days!” to help keep himself on track long enough to develop a habit.

That approach has worked great for him, and I’m challenging you to commit even less time. 21 days is only three weeks. Imagine where you were three weeks ago – now picture having set a goal that, as of today, you no longer have to do.

21 days is not much time to diet at all – but through this simple commitment, you can develop new habits that could change your entire life.

I Want Three Things From You:

  • I challenge you to eat right / diet for 21 days.
  • I challenge you to do some form of exercise for 21 days.
  • I challenge you to keep a positive mindset for 21 days.

That’s it! Monitor what you eat, and practice portion control. Do any kind of exercise (I don’t care if it’s walking laps around the parking lot or taking the stairs – just get moving!). And, most importantly, stay positive the entire time.

Positivity is the Game Changer

Even a 21 day diet can be massively effective, and any kind of exercise is good, but positivity is the real thing I want you to focus on.

Psychology indicates how powerful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can be in changing peoples’ lives. Now, I’m certainly not saying anybody needs therapy, but the same methods can be used to change your mindset and help keep you motivated and on track to a happy life.

So, here’s what I want you to do:

For the next 21 days, I simply want you to listen to your self-talk. We all have self-talk – it’s the thoughts that are constantly running through our head. I want you to listen to them, and identify any time you’re being negative towards your goals.

Negative self-talk looks something like this:

  • “Exercise is hard. I really don’t want to do this right now.”
  • “I hate dieting. This sucks.”
  • “I’m fat. I hate the way I look.”

You may view these things as just little thoughts you have, or things you say to yourself – but this kind of outlook is cancer to your well-being. These little things drag us down and make us feel unmotivated, worthless, and hopeless.

For 21 days, I challenge you to identify that negative mental chatter and force yourself to replace it with positive thoughts. After some tweaking, your positive self-talk might look more like this:

  • “Exercise makes me feel good that I’m doing something to better myself. And before long, I’ll be in shape, so this won’t even feel like work!”
  • “I’m so glad I’m dieting – this is how I am making my dreams come true!”
  • “Every day that I keep working hard, I’ll be one step closer to loving the way I look!”.

Look, I know this sounds cheesy. But just try it for 21 days. Listen to how you talk to yourself, and zap negativity. It is cancer. It will drag you down and keep you there. You have nothing to lose, so banish this type of self-talk and find some positive way to replace it.

Trust me, it makes life way easier – and you can apply this positive mindset to any other aspect of your life. “If only I had enough money to buy these shoes…” can be replaced with “I’m so grateful that I have my bills paid and food on the table”. The glass-half-full mindset will change your life, if you let it.

But what, exactly, should I do during these 21 days?

If you want to do the research, you can come up with your own meal plan and exercise routine for the next 21 days, or you could use some program like the 21 Day Fix.

As long as you’re changing your diet and exercise routine and staying positive, you’re on the right track.

Now, go get started. This isn’t a “tomorrow” plan – this is a “today” plan!

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